Key Skills

Delivered Results

Ten years of excellence

I Graduated from university in 2008 with a 1st Class Hons Degree in Computer Systems Engineering.

Since then I have been relentlessly motivated to build the best products in the chosen target markets.

product Strategy

Selecting winning strategies

The key to delivering results is selecting and executing a sound strategy effectively.

Winning strategies require competent decision making and teams of co-ordinated driven individuals.

User centric products

Popping visuals with top tech

When you want to build best in class products, You have to have an intense focus on the users you will be serving.

I like to focus on brand unification, strong UX and UI discovery with optimised  backend infrastructure and metrics to back it up.

Creating Culture

Hiring rapidly via referrals

A culture of excellence is easy to talk about but hard to replicate.

My personality has lead me to foster excellence in many colleagues and direct reports over the years.

I am well known for sourcing top talent to an organisation and creating motivated development teams.

This has lead to large quantities of referrals reducing the burden on talent acquisition and keeps the needle to the MAX for delivery.


Closed multiple rounds

Over the years I have been involved in several successful due diligence processes.

Often I am leading the presentation of the technical and product stages of the funding due diligence.

I am experienced in developing organisations to becoming best in class across numerous product and people related metrics.

This has lead to successful outcomes for many of the deals I have been involved in.

growth Focused

Invests in growth

If we were to work together, you will surely learn I am a growth focused leader.

This means I am looking to grow organisations into a modern and industry leading vision of what they can be.

Growth is important for many different reasons in an organisation and is one of my favourite objectives to chase and deliver upon.