Oliver Dolan

Tech , Investments + Growth
Nordic CTO in Wealth/Fin Tech & Elite Golfer.
I have built systems for over a decade. I like to learn, share ideas and play professional golf

Key Skills

Technical Leader

Leading Driven Teams

Leading a motivated team is all about inspiring and empowering individuals to work towards a common goal.

Fund Raising + Growth

€65+ Million Raised

Aligning an organisation around a technical strategy to create a business where capital injection is used effectively


Dominant Products

Industry leading products are the best because they offer high quality, innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our News & Articles

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable
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I have considerable experience in the successful delivery of IT solutions by forming and leading great teams. My experience is from deep in-depth knowledge of mission-critical information systems acquired by working on many notable projects. To complement this professional experience I have started working on some of my own ideas to drive new product innovations. I am interested in portfolio management focusing on agile delivery and a professional calibre golfer

"I want to drive innovation of the utmost excellence in any business or project I am involved with"
Oliver Dolan


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